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Coherent Chameleon Vision Modelocked Ti:S Laser

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Coherent Chameleon Vision Modelocked Ti:S Laser

Coherent Chameleon Vision Modelocked Ti:S Laser

Widely tunable, single box, precompensation, hands free



Chameleon Vision lasers expand the suite of multiphoton imaging solutions, setting the benchmark for integrated precompensation. They feature highest peak power and the broadest range of GVD in a compact package.


Chameleon Vision adds dispersion precompensation to the Ultra platform ensuring the short pulses are delivery right to the sample plane. Multiple curves that automatically adjust according to the wavelength of interest can be setup over a wide dynamic range of 0 fs2 to more than 22000fs2 at 800nm.


The Chameleon Vision-S now adds high peak power capability to the already established superior Vision dispersion compensation technology.


Highest Output Power
With more than 3.0 Watts, the Chameleon Vision offers the highest output power available from a laser with integrated precompensation.

High Peak Power
Chameleon Vision-S delivers enhanced peak power.

Highest Maximum Negative Dispersion
Ultra wide dispersion compensation range from 0 to >47,000 fs2

Superior Beam Pointing
Chameleon Vision users PermAlign technology (solder bonded optics) to mount all critical optical components. In combination with the unique prism design this provides unmatched beam pointing stability, which delivers consistent images, scan after scan, sample after sample.

Ultrawide Tuning Range
The widest tuning range of any integrated precompensation laser product providing the greatest flexibility in choice of fluorophores.

Fastest Tuning
At 40nm/s Chameleon has the fastest tuning speed on the market. A faster tuning range means that you can take images with different excitation wavelengths at a faster pace.

Lowest Noise
The built-in single mode Verdi pump laser is the key to Chameleon's reliability and low nosie performance. Low noise from the excitation source means less variation in the excitation of each image pixel.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

  Vision 1 Vision 2 Vision-S
Tuning Range (nm) 690 to 1040 680 to 1080 690 to 1050
Average Power at peak (W) 2.5 3.0 > 2.5
Peak Power (kW)     > 440
Power Specifications
640mW @ 690nm
1.07W @ 710nm
2.5W @ 800nm
920mW @ 920nm
260mW @ 1040nm
500mW @ 680nm
1.5W @ 710nm
3.0W @ 800nm
1.35W @ 920nm
400mW @ 1040nm
180mW @ 1080nm
80kW @ 690nm
440kW @ 800nm
240kW @ 920nm
50kW @ 1050nm
Tuning Speed (nm/s) >35 >40 >25
Pulsewidth (fs) 140 75


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