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Coherent Fidelity HP Ultrafast Fibre Lasers

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Coherent Fidelity HP Ultrafast Fibre Lasers

Coherent Fidelity HP Ultrafast Fibre Lasers

Revolutionary femtosecond fibre lasers deliver short 140fs pulses and power levels up to 18W


Fidelity HP femtosecond laser systems deliver world leading performance and unprecedented power levels, in a compact turnkey, low maintenance package. With average output powers up to 18W and short 140 fs pulses, Fidelity HP accesses high peak power regimes that truly enables a suite of applications in life sciences, applied physics, materials processing and microelectronics.


Utilising Coherent's state of the art fibre laser technology, Fidelity delivers minimal cost of ownership with minimal maintenance requirements. Exquisite beam quality provides optimum focus resolution and efficiency, coupled with extremely stable and low noise output, thanks to a precise light-loop control.



  • Highest average power
  • Short pulses for high peak intensity
  • Adjustable GDD precompensation
  • Turnkey operation, low maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • HASS/HALT tested design and manufacture

In Multiphoton imaging applications, Fidelitys high average and peak power enables optogenetic photoactivation of large populations of neurons, with precise spatial and temporal resolution. Short pulses are delivered directly to the sample plane by way of user adjustable group dispersion delay compensation (GDD).


Industrial and commercial applications, such as two-photon polymerisation, rapid prototyping and scribing, benefit from the finesse and speed of Fidelity's high peak power.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


Fidelity HP datasheet                                                                Read more on Coherent's website


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