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Coherent Vitara Automated Ultrashort Ti:S Oscillator

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Coherent Vitara Automated Ultrashort Ti:S Oscillator

Coherent Vitara Automated Ultrashort Ti:S Oscillator

A family of automated, ultrashort pulse Ti:S oscillator for hands-free, reliable operation



Vitara is the new industry standard for hands-free, integrated, ultra-broadband, flexible ultrafast lasers. Representing the culmination of 20 years of in-house expertise with Kerr Lens modelocking and thousands of clean-room manufactured, industrial grade ultrafast lasers, the Vitara family satisfies the most sophisticated requirements for amplifier seeding, terahertz generation, attosecond studies, quantum control experiments, non-linear imaging and spectroscopy applications.



  • Fully automated for hands-free, reliable operation
  • Computer controlled bandwidth and centre wavelength (Vitara-T and Vitara-T-HP)
  • Computer tunable centre wavelength
  • PowerTrack active optimisation
  • <8fs to >30 pulsewidth capability (Vitara-T)
  • Low noise (<0.05% rms)
  • Integrated Verdi G pump laser
  • Compact footprint

The newest member of the Vitara family of extreme performance, closed-box, ultrafast oscillators - the Vitara-UBB - provides hands-free access to pulsewidths under 10 femtoseconds, with options below 8fs on request. Vitara UBB (Ultra BroadBand) achieves its short transform-limited pulsewidths because of its very broad bandwidth (> 220 nm at the -10 dB point). Its unique combination of short pulsewidth, broad bandwidth, high reliability and ease of use make Vitara UBB the ideal laser for applications in terahertz pulse generation, optical coherence tomography (OCT), pump-probe spectroscopy, multiplexed CARS spectroscopy, non-linear microscopic imaging and seeding short-pulse amplifiers.


Engineered to meet the ultimate stability requirements of CEP stabilisation, Vitara demonstrates unprecedented levels of stability in the most challenging environmental conditions and most demanding applications. No other laser offers this combination of exceptional performance, flexibility and power in a solid, hands-free package.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


      Vitara datasheet                                                                           Read more on Coherent Inc's website


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