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EDAX TEAM EDS Analysis System for TEM

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EDAX TEAM EDS Analysis System for TEM

EDAX TEAM EDS Analysis System for TEM

Ultimate analytical solution for TEM


TEAM™ EDS Analysis System featuring the Octane Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Series for Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) provides the ultimate analytical solution for TEM. The systems are offered for TEMs and STEMs with Smart Features to make them more intuitive and easier to use. The workflow functions are automated by integrating years of EDAX knowledge and expertise to work for you. Startup, analysis, and reporting are easy because the TEAM™ EDS software automates each task. It is the only EDS technology that combines smart decision making and guidance for the novice with advanced features for the experienced user. Now you have the intelligence of an EDS expert every step of the way.

Smart features, exceptional results

TEAM™ EDS Analysis System for TEM was designed to save time and ensure accurate, reproducible results for a wide range of applications. Whether simply collecting a spectrum or performing complex phase analysis, the system and its touchscreen capability make it easy to quickly get the results you want. TEAM™ EDS Analysis System is built with a modern interface optimised for running in multicore and multiprocessor environments. It offers Smart Features for startup, analysis, and reporting not found in any other system. The core components that make up this functionality include:

Smart Track™s environmental panel monitors system status, reports operating conditions for the detector and more, and allows access to advanced controls. Smart Acquisition automates routine tasks for ease of use and time savings.
TEAM™ EDS solutions are available for TEMs and STEMs. Smart Phase Mapping provides a higher level of analysis by automatically collecting spectra and generating phase maps with elemental distribution and associated spectra. Point analysis and line scan with next-generation EXpert ID enable fast and easy measurement of individual and multiple points from selected areas. The TEM quantification algorithm for thin material is based on the Cliff-Lorimer method for fast and accurate analysis.
Smart Data Review provides an innovative layout and project tree for quick review and reporting of images, maps, and spectra. Dynamic data editing is available in reports.

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