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Aerotech ACT Linear Actuator

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Aerotech ACT Linear Actuator

Aerotech ACT Linear Actuator

High performance, cost effective, linear servomotor driven actuator


The ACT series linear actuators are high performance, cost-effective, linear-servomotor-driven actuators that are faster and more accurate than a ball screw or belt-drive without the costly, time-consuming maintenance required. Since the ACT is an integrated, assembled mechanical system, it eliminates the design complexity and guesswork in choosing and assembling individual components. The ACT is ideal for applications including assembly, pick and place machines, electronic assembly and qualification, packaging, vision inspection, dispensing, life sciences, image scanning and processing, and inkjet printing.


  • High performance, cost-effective actuator
  • Travel range from 100mm to 1.5m
  • Acceleration capability up to 3g (115) or 5g (140/165)
  • Velocity capability up to 5m/s
  • Maximum continuous force output up to 105.5N (115) 270.7N (165)
  • Maintenance free, direct drive, zero-cogging motor and noncontact optical linear encoder

Linear Motor Drive
Aerotech's high-power, cog-free linear motors drive the ACT series in no load conditions to accelerations of 3g and a top speed of 5m/s, enabling the ideal solution to increase throughput. The stiff mechanical structure of the actuator allows for excellent dynamic performance and reduced settling times. The non-magnetic forcer coil provides high force with zero cogging for super-smooth velocity and position control. This zero cogging design is ideal for applications requiring outstanding contour accuracy and smooth velocity profiling. As with all Aerotech linear motor stages, the linear motor has zero backlash, no windup, zero friction and outstanding system responsiveness. The magnetic field of the linear motor is totally self-contained within the U-channel design. Many high-performance applications cannot tolerate the stray magnetic fields generated by flat motor magnet tracks.

High Performance
Noncontact linear optical encoders with micron-level repeatabilities are standard on all ACT series actuators. Either a line-driver output or amplified sine-wave output encoder is available for maximised flexibility. The optional HALAR factory calibration further increases standard accuracy and repeatability. Aerotech manufactures a wide range of matching drives and controls to provide a fully integrated and optimized motion solution.

High Reliability
The ACT actuators consist of noncontact linear motors and encoders, making the actuators virtually maintenance-free. As a result, there is no backlash, windup, wear or maintenance that is normally associated with contacting-type systems such as ball screws or belt drives.

Adjustable Options Maximise Application Flexibility
Multiple cable management options allow flexibility in design. For applications requiring a complete solution, a cable management chain is provided. For OEM or applications requiring user-defined cable management, both cable pigtail and bulkhead termination options are available. Moveable limits allow easy adjustment of usable travel for varying application requirements.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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