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Aerotech AMG Gimbal

Aerotech AMG Gimbal

Aerotech AMG Gimbal

Provide ultra-precise angular position, rate and acceleration



Aerotech's AMG position and rate gimbal mounts provide ultra-precise angular position, rate and acceleration for development and production testing of a wide range of systems. The AMG series is ideal for directing optics, lasers, antennas and sensors at high speed to very precise pointing angles. Typical applications include missile seeker test and calibration, LIDAR, electro-optical sensor and FLIR testing, airborne target tracking, optical testing of space-based sensors in a vacuum and angular testing of inertial sensors such as gyros, MEMS, accelerometers and inertial reference units. The AMG gimbal design incorporates recent Aerotech rotary stage design improvements to provide high performance at an affordable price. The finest quality motors, bearings and encoders are integrated into precision-machined housings to ensure peak performance. The AMG position and rate gimbals provide precise angular motion with the high performance customers expect from Aerotech products.



  • Continuous 360 degree rotation of azimuth and elevation including built-in slip ring
  • High accuracy angular position and rate capability
  • Direct-drive brushless servomotors result in zero backlash
  • Cog-free design for outstanding velocity stability
  • Accommodate loads up to 600mm diameter
  • Low maintenance and high reliability provide the lowest cost of ownership

Accurate 360° Positioning and Rate Generation
Direct-drive brushless torque motors, with rare-earth magnets and high-accuracy angular transducers, are coupled directly to precision shafts for accurate and smooth 360° continuous motion. The absence of gear trains and other drive mechanisms eliminates position error contributions due to mechanical hysteresis and backlash. Directly-coupled high-resolution position transducers ensure highly accurate and repeatable positioning.


A wide-range of performance feedback grades is available. Typical line gimbal resolution ranges from 1.0 to 0.13µrad with Aerotech controls. The built-in azimuth slip ring provides for continuous rotation with no cable wrap up.


Direct-Drive Motors for Outstanding Control
To maximise positioning and velocity performance, AMG gimbal mounts utilise Aerotechs high torque S-series brushless, slotless servomotors. These motors have all of the advantages of a brushless direct-drive motor - no brushes to wear, no gear trains to maintain and high acceleration and high speeds. Since it is a slotless, ironless design, there is zero cogging, meaning that there is absolutely no torque ripple. This results in smoother motion throughout travel and more precise positioning. These motors are available in different winding configurations to work with high or low voltage power supplies.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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