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Aerotech HexGen Hexapod Six-DOF Positioning System

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Aerotech HexGen Hexapod Six-DOF Positioning System

Aerotech HexGen Hexapod Six-DOF Positioning System

High-load, ultra-precision hexapod


Aerotech's HexGen® hexapods represent the next-generation in six degree-of-freedom (DOF) positioning performance. The HEX500-350HL is a high-load, ultra-precision hexapod ideal for applications in x-ray diffraction, sensor testing, and high-force device manipulation.


Many trade-offs exist in the design and specification of a motion system. With its high-load capacity, large travels, high speeds, and sub-micrometer precision, the HEX500-350HL does not force you to compromise on application specifications. Providing unmatched precision, the HEX500-350HL is the only hexapod on the market today that provides guaranteed positioning accuracy specifications.



  • Six degree-of-freedom positioning with linear travels to 110 mm and angular travels to 40°
  • Precision design with guaranteed positioning accuracy specifications
  • Minimum incremental motion to 20nm in XYZ and 0.2µrad in θxθyθz
  • Flexible configurations and customisation
  • Vacuum preparation available upon request
  • Powerful controls and software with visualisation of work and tool coordinate systems

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


HexGen datasheet                                                                       Read more on Aerotech's website