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Aerotech PRO-SV Long-travel Lift Stages

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Aerotech PRO-SV Long-travel Lift Stages

Aerotech PRO-SV Long-travel Lift Stages

Ultra-precise vertical motion in a low profile package


Aerotech’s PRO-SV series of lift stages provide long-travel, ultra-precise vertical motion in the shortest possible form factor. Three distinct models, each with a variety of configurable features and options, offer a diverse selection of travel range and payload capacity combinations, making the PRO-SV an excellent choice for all applications in which high-performance vertical motion is important.



  • Vertical motion with travel lengths up to 50mm, overall heights as compact as 95mm, speeds up to 20mm/s, and payload capacities up to 60kg
  • High-precision crossed-roller bearings result in excellent straightness and angular performance
  • Precision-ground ball-screw, slotless torque motor, and low-expansion linear encoder contribute to a 10nm achievable step size
  • High-reliability drive mechanism contributes to the long service life
  • Available with ThermoComp® for consistent performance in changing environments

Long Travel in a Low-Profile Package

Unlike other types of vertical motion stages, PRO-SV features a drive mechanism that impinges directly on the moving carriage. This provides an exceptionally long range of vertical travel and  maintains the shortest height possible, granting free and clear access to the user’s payload. Minimising the work-point height is especially important in designing motion systems because it minimizes the Abbe offset, thus contributing to greater overall precision.


Precisely Engineered for Superior Performance

A major problem commonly associated with lift stages is subpar geometric performance (i.e., straightness, pitch, roll, and yaw). PRO-SV provides an innovative solution to this problem. Guided by anti-creep and crossed-roller bearings, the moving carriage is thoroughly supported in all directions, making PRO-SV the most precise commercially-available lift stage on the market. Additionally, a slotless, brushless torque motor is joined directly to a large-diameter, precision-ground ball-screw drive mechanism to position even the heaviest payloads with extremely smooth, cog-free motion. The lack of belts, gears, and flex-couplings contributes to PRO-SV’s high reliability and eliminates sources of error from wind-up and excessive backlash.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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