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Aerotech A3200 Software-based Machine Controller

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Aerotech A3200 Software-based Machine Controller

Aerotech A3200 Software-based Machine Controller

Ground-breaking motion, vision, PLC, robotics and I/O platform


Aerotech's ground-breaking motion, vision, PLC, robotics and I/O platform, the A3200 (or Automation 3200), is used in many applications in semiconductor, data storage, medical laser processing, automotive and machine tool industries. The system features a high-performance, software-only motion controller that offers 32 axes of synchronised motion control.


  • Software-based machine and motion controller - part of the Automation 3200 Platform
  • PC-based controller for high-precision industrial and research systems
  • Delivers productivity and quality through combned motion and process control
  • Executes real-time application code developed in the A3200 Motion Composer Suite
  • Directly programmable through the .NET, C, C++, MATLAB, LabVIEW libraries
  • Connects to and synchronises the motion trajectory and I/O of up to 32 drives
  • Controller data is accessible to SCADA and MES control systems via libraries
  • Motion capabilities include: point-to-point; linear, circular, helical and spherical interpolationl velocity profiling, electronic gearing; on-the-fly trajectory modification, high speed I/O, camming

The A3200 SMC is powerful. Aerotech have gone to great lengths to design a controller that excels in delivering precision. Swimming against popular trends, they develop their controller technology from the ground up, allowing uthem to provide the most powerful controller in the industry. They strategically build these solutions on top of high-end, reliable, stable, industrial-grade technologies. For this reason, nobody can duplicate the multi-axis coordination and precision of the A3200.

At the heart of the controller is the ability to translate commands into the industry's best trajectory. The controller includes the Aerotech motion engine a powerful piece of technology that differentiates Aerotech control from other motion providers. This technology translates what you programmed into a multi-axis synchronised and coordinated trajectory. This trajectory is sent out over the industry's most flexible motion control bus.

The A3200 SMC is a controller capable of managing a network of up to 32 axes of motion without sacrificing performance. With a wide offering of drive hardware, each axis of motion can be either a servomotor, stepper motor, voice coil motor, galvanometer motor, or piezoelectric actuator. The controller is high performance producing native trajectory rates of up to 48 kHz without sacrificing other performance criteria.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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