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Aerotech Soloist Motion Controller

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Aerotech Soloist Motion Controller

Aerotech Soloist Motion Controller

Single-axis servo controller


The power of the Soloist drive-based motion controller comes from both its powerful features and its flexibility. We develop our controller technology from the ground up, allowing us to deliver an automation product that is centered around precision. This approach gives our products a new level of performance, especially when compared to typical motor drive solutions. This often results in a new and rewarding experience for those used to working with motor drives from general automation suppliers.


  • Drive-based motion controller - part of the Soloist Platform
  • Powerful controller operates side-by-side on a motor drive, eliminating the need for additional hardware
  • Multiple single-axis controllers can be controlled by a single PC via Ethernet or USB
  • Delivers productivity and quality through combined motino and process control
  • Executes real-time application code developed in the Soloist Motion Composer Suite
  • Directly programmable through the .NET, C, C++, MATLAB and LabVIEW libraries
  • Controller data is accessible to SCADA and MES control systems via libraries
  • Advanced motion trajectory features

Power and Flexibility in a Drive-Based Controller
By using the single-axis Soloist controller, enabled by the AeroBasic language, unique single-axis functionality is available. Features such as Aerotech's Position Synchronized Output (PSO) distance-based process triggering, gearing, advanced data collection, file access, analog and digital I/O control, and standard program flow and mathematical concepts are all integrated with powerful servo control. This can all be executed at up to 20 kHz.

Combined with powerful software tools, the Soloist controller excels in simple testing and R&D applications and is robust enough for production environments.

Powerful Single-Axis Trajectory Generation
At the heart of the controller is the ability to translate commands into the industry's best trajectory. Our controller includes the Aerotech motion engine a robust technology that differentiates Aerotech control from other providers. This technology translates what you programmed for the single-axis trajectory into the drive's servo control loop. Soloist servomotor drives can control DC brush servomotors, AC brushless servomotors, voice coil motors, and stepper motors.

Single-Axis Automation
Single-axis drives should do more than simply move a motor. With Soloist drives, a complete controller is included, which allows sensors and feedback devices to come together with servomotor control applications.

A single-axis Soloist motor drive has a controller with direct access to up to 50 I/O points. Using the AeroBasic language's logic and control, algorithms are easily programmed based on the state of I/O.

Ethernet and RS-232 Support
Soloist drive-hardware includes both ethernet and RS-232 communication ports. These ports allow greater expandability of your automation solution beyond the I/O available on the drives.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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