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Aerotech AMG-GR Gear-Drive Gimbals

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Aerotech AMG-GR Gear-Drive Gimbals

Aerotech AMG-GR Gear-Drive Gimbals

Provides economical, high-accuracy elevation-over-azimuth positioning


The AMG-GR series of gear-driven motorised gimbals provide economical, high-accuracy elevation-over-azimuth positioning. These gimbals are built using the primary positioning elements of the robust and economical AGR-series rotary stage. The AMG-GR is available in a variety of standard travel ranges. Due to the flexibility of the design, customised travels are easily accommodated. A variety of accuracy grades, motor types, and cell designs make this the ideal stage series for applications ranging from sensor calibration to laser beam steering.


  • Economical, high-accuracy, two-axis gimbal design
  • Travels from 90 degrees to continuous rotation available
  • Circular (100 to 300mm) and custom cells available
  • Front surface reflecting and centered cell options
  • Direct encoder option for increased accuracy/repeatability
  • Servo and stepper motors available

Cell Design Versatility
The AMG-GR comes standard with circular cells ranging from 100mm to 300mm diameter. Cell mounting options include a centered (balanced) cell or a front-surface reflection option where the front of the optic is located on the axes of rotation. Special configurations are available to accommodate non-circular optics, cameras, sensors, and round optics larger than 300mm in diameter. Due to a modular-design approach, each gimbal mirror cell can be easily modified or replaced with different shaped cells to accommodate sensors or other asymmetrically-shaped payloads.

Flexible Options
The AMG-GR can be outfitted with brushless servo or stepper motors. A full range of matching drives and controls are available for a complete single-source solution.

For applications that require high-accuracy and repeatability, a direct-encoder mounted to the cell and yoke is available. Vacuum-compatible versions are also available.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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