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Aerotech AOM110 Optical Mount

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Aerotech AOM110 Optical Mount

A gimbal design for a relatively low cost


The AOM110 series is used for major fusion and high-powered laser research and development projects. These mounts have earned a reputation for excellent vibration and thermal stability and unparalleled resolution.


  • Patented* positioner drive provides sub-arc-second resolution capability
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Improved design now includes non-marring set screws and rotating clips
  • Optimized clear aperture at 45 degrees
  • Accepts NLA nested optic adapters, extending flexibility and versatility
  • Options available for vacuum preparation and low magnetic interference environments

Improved Design
The AOM110s are now improved with non-marring set screws and increased clear aperture at 45°. The non-marring set screws permit rigid placement of various optic thicknesses, and the modified base design permits transmission of larger diameter beams at a 45° incidence.

High Resolution and Excellent Thermal Stability
With Aerotech's patented sub-arc-second positioner, the large angular range is quickly achieved, while maintaining resolution to 0.03 arc seconds. The thimble has a fine 32-division reference scale for convenience in positioning. These mounts have excellent thermal stability (less than 2 microradians per °C), owing to careful matching of the coefficients of expansion for the special brass alloy drive screw and the aluminum housing.

Operates in Any Plane
AOM110 series mounts have ball bearing gimbal pivots to eliminate unwanted motion. Azimuth and elevation movements are decoupled and orthogonal. The bearing system permits operation of the mount in any plane, including upside-down. A spring-loaded mechanism ensures low stiction, backlash-free motion over the full range.


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