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Gooch & Housego Waveplates

Gooch & Housego

Gooch & Housego manufacture and supply optical components to many of the worlds leading laser manufacturers and have been producing high quality retardation plates in natural and cultured quartz for many decades. Experience in selecting, orientating, cutting and polishing birefringent crystals enables production of all types of waveplates with apertures as large as 150mm in diameter and with the highest energy damage thresholds commercially available.

Ilminster is the center of expertise for UV-NIR waveplates. Cleveland is the center of excellence for 3μm+ wave plates.

Waveplates, IRμ3m+
CdS and CdSe waveplates in many configurations for the infrared beyond 3μm read more

Waveplates, UV Visible and NIR
Crystal quartz waveplates usually for applications between 193nm and 2050μm read more

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