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Semrock LaserMUX Laser Beam Combiners

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Semrock LaserMUX Laser Beam Combiners

Semrock LaserMUX Laser Beam Combiners

Extensive selection. Custom-sized filters are available in one week.

Semrock/IDEX Health Science

LaserMUX filters from Semrock are designed to efficiently combine or separate multiple laser beams at a 45° angle of incidence. These dichroic laser beam combiners are optimised to multiplex (MUX) popular laser lines, and can also be used in reverse to demultiplex (DEMUX).

The ultralow-autofluorescence filters are ideally suited for OEM multi-laser fluorescence imaging and measurement applications including laser microscopy and flow cytometry, as well as for myriad end-user applications in a laboratory environment.

With high reflection and transmission performance at popular laser lines, these filters allow combining multiple different laser beams with exceptionally low loss. LaserMUX filters are hard-coated and come in an industry-standard 25mm diameter x 3.5mm black-anodised aluminium ring with a generous 22mm clear aperture.

Click here to go to Semrock's website for a full list of beam combiners. Prices listed are in US$ and do not include any delivery charges or taxes to Australia and New Zealand. All standard products are in stock at Semrock NY and can be delivered to Australia/New Zealand in 1-2 weeks. Contact us for further information.

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