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Semrock StopLine Notch Filters

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Semrock StopLine Notch Filters

Semrock StopLine Notch Filters

Every Semrock filter is hard-coated for durable performance. Ten year warranty.

Semrock/IDEX Health Science

StopLine deep notch filters rival the performance of holographic notch filters but in a less expensive, more convenient, and more reliable thin filter format. These filters are ideal for applications including Raman spectroscopy, laser-based fluorescence instruments, and biomedical laser systems.

Semrock introduced a breakthrough invention in thin-film optical filters: the StopLine E-grade notch filters have ultrawide passbands with deep and narrow laser-line blocking. Unheard of previously in a thin-film notch filter made with multiple, discrete layers, these patent-pending notch filters attenuate the laser wavelength with OD > 6 while passing light from the UV well into the NIR. They are especially suited for optical systems addressing multiple regions of the optical spectrum (eg UV, visible and NIR) and for systems based on multiple detection modes.


  • The stunning StopLine E-grade notch filters offer high transmission over ultra-wide passbands (UV to 1600nm)
  • Deep (OD > 6) laser-line blocking for maximum laser rejection
  • High laser damage threshold and proven reliability
  • Rejected light is reflected, for convenient alignment and best stray-light control
  • Multi-notch filters are available for blocking multiple laser lines

Click here to go to Semrock's website for a complete listing of StopLine filters. Prices listed are in US$ and do not include any delivery charges or taxes to Australia and New Zealand. All standard products are in stock at Semrock and can be delivered to Australia/New Zealand in 1-2 weeks. Contact us for more information.

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