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Semrock VersaChrome Tunable Bandpass Filters

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Semrock VersaChrome Tunable Bandpass Filters

Semrock VersaChrome Tunable Bandpass Filters

Every Semrock filter is hard-coated for no burn-out performance. Ten year warranty.

Semrock/IDEX Health Science

VersaChrome Edge tunable fitlers unlock virtuallly unlimited spectral flexibility for fluorescence micrsocopy and hyperspectral imaging, as well as for spectroscopy applications. By utilising a combination of VersaChrome Edge tunable long-wave-pass and short-wave-pass filters, a bandpass filter as narrow as sub 5nm FWHM or as wide as 12% of the centre wavelength throughout the visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges can be created. Semrock's patented tunable thin-film filters can't be found anywhere else in the market.


  • Tuning range of greater than 11% of the normal-incidence wavelength
  • High transmission (>93% typical) over passband
  • Polarisation insensitive over full tuning range
  • Imaging optical quality - low scatter, wavefront distortion, and beam deviation
  • Hard-coating reliability and high laser damage threshold (1J/cm2)
  • Excellent out-of-band blocking

Click to visit Semrock's website for a full list of the VersaChrome filters, including the price. Prices listed on Semrock's website are in US$ and do not include any freight charges and taxes for delivery to Australia and New Zealand. All standard products are in stock at Semrock and can be delivered to Australia/New Zealand in 1-2 weeks ARO. Contact us for a quotation.

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