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Gooch & Housego Acousto Optics

Gooch & Housego Acousto Optics

Innovative acousto-optic device designs

Gooch & Housego

G&H has been a leader in acousto-optic (AO) device design and manufacturing for over 35 years, bringing together some of the best minds and technologies in the field to create a comprehensive line of high-quality products backed by premier service and reliability. We hold our multiple worldwide manufacturing sites to exacting standards, from the in-house growth of our own tellurium dioxide (TeO2) to polishing, antireflection coating, fabrication and testing of devices. The result is unmatched optical power handling, and optical performance delivered consistently over time and in volume.

Every acousto-optic device is affected by trade-offs between speed, aperture size, power handling, and durability. While we cannot change the laws of physics, we can help to find the optimum balance between competing performance parameters. Considering the more subtle aspects of each customer's specific application, we work to identify the ideal device and RF driver.

Acousto-Optic Modulators
Acousto-Optic modulators (AOM) allow the intensity of light to be controlled and modulated at rates that far exceed mechanical shutters, even up to 70MHz read more

Frequency Shifters (AOFS)
Light is Doppler shifter by the centre RF frequency of the device read more

Single frequency devices allowing intensity modulation of collimated light read more

Pulse Pickers, Cavity Dumpers
Modulators ideal for separating pulses interbally or externally to laser cavity read more

RF Drivers
Electronic controllers specifically designed for acousto-optic devices read more

Fibre-Coupled Devices
G&H offers both standard products, and a custom design and manufacture service read more

Mode Lockers (AOML)
Standing wave AO devices for generating mode locked laser pulse widths read more

Multi-Channel Modulators (AOMC)
Allow independent modulation of multiple beams or a sheet of collimated light read more

Q-Switches (AOQS)
High power, low loss units lowering the cavity Q-factor and holding off lasing read more

Tunable Filters (AOTF)
Select specific wavelengths broadband or multiline light sources read more

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