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Andor Sona Back-illuminated sCMOS Camera

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Andor Sona Back-illuminated sCMOS Camera

Andor Sona Back-illuminated sCMOS Camera

Andor's fast and sensitive sCMOS cameras


Sona is Andor's latest high performance sCMOS camera platform, specifically for life science imaging applications. The NEW Sona 4.2B-6 model provides the perfect balance of sensitivity, speed and resolution for optimal imaging performance across many applications.



  • 95% QE & -45°C cooling - most sensitive back-illuminated sCMOS available
  • Up to 4.2 Megapixel - capture huge fields of cells and whole embryos
  • 6.5µm and 11µm pixel size options - suit most magnifications and applications
  • Up to 74fps full frame - follow dynamic processes without smear
  • >99.7% linearity - superb quantitative accuracy across full dynamic range

For the new Sona 4.2B-6 the 4.2 Megapixel format with 6.5 µm pixels is ideally suited to the widely used 40x and 60x magnifications. The flagship model, the Sona 4.2B-11, is the ultimate solution for sensitivity and field of view, offering a stunning 32 mm field of view. All Sona models feature the latest back-illuminated sCMOS technology with 95% Quantum Efficiency (QE).


Andor’s unique capability to deliver the ultimate in sCMOS sensitivity means signal to noise can be optimised in fluorescence microscopy under conditions of reduced excitation power, thus preserving living cells during extended measurement periods. The superior sensitivity of Sona also compliments reduction of fluorophore concentrations, thus minimally perturbing the cell’s physiology. Higher sensitivity means that exposure times can be shortened, facilitating faster frame rate measurements of dynamic processes, such as intracellular signalling mechanisms or cell motility.  The ‘dual-amplifier’ approach to extended dynamic range is ideal for accurately imaging and quantifying challenging samples such as neurons. Furthermore, to achieve best-in-class quantification accuracy, Andor have implemented enhanced on-head intelligence to deliver market-leading linearity of > 99.7% across the whole dynamic range.


The latest model, the Sona 4.2B-6, has a back-illuminated 4.2 Megapixel sensor with 6.5 µm pixels. This format matches perfectly with modern microscope port sizes, and provides optimal resolution for the widely used 40x and 60x magnifications. A QE of 95% maximizes signal collection, which when combined with thermoelectric cooling to -45°C, results in the lowest noise floor, to allow the highest possible sensitivity for demanding low-light applications. Sona 4.2B-6 is also capable of up to 74 fps in full-frame in full-range 16-bit making it also suited for imaging dynamic cellular processes. Sensitivity and speed are complemented by Andor’s UltraVac™ sensor enclosure and our advanced FPGA processing for market leading quantitative accuracy and noise reduction technologies. With these capabilities, Sona 4.2B-6 is sure to provide exceptional performance under even the most demanding imaging application.


The flagship 4.2 Megapixel Sona 4.2B-11 model utilises a unique technology approach that enables us to usefully access the entire 2048 x 2048 array, offering an impressive 32 mm sensor diagonal, harnessing the entire field of view available from the microscope. This is perfect for applications that require maximum information content, allowing large fields of cells, whole embryos or tissue samples to be captured with absolute clarity.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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