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Semrock Super Resolution Laser Microscopy Cubes

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Semrock Super Resolution Laser Microscopy Cubes

Semrock Super Resolution Laser Microscopy Cubes

Set the standard for laser based microscopes

Semrock/IDEX Health Science

Super-resolution Microscopy Cubes set the new standard for laser based microscopes. These cubes are optimised for mounting 1? RWE, 1mm thick super-resolution laser dochroic beamsplitters. Maximise SNR and minimise artifacts in TIRF, Confocal, PALM, STORM, SIM and other super-resolution techniques.


  • Guaranteed 1? RWE Refelcted Wavefront Error (RWE) from cube mounted 1mm thick dichroic beamsplitters
  • Maximise switching speed, minimise beam deviation and minimise light scatter in emission
  • Minimal reflected wavefront distortion for even larger diameter illuminatino beams
  • Available for popular laser lines and microscopes

Conventional microscopy cubes can significantly compromise the flatness of the dichroic beamsplitters thereby introducing aberrations. But super-resolution imaging systems are highly sensitive to optical wavefront distortion and demand the highest quality components for best instrument sensitivity. Semrock's industry-leading 1? RWE 1 mm thick laser dichroic beamsplitters minimise focus shift and aberrations in the reflected beam compared to standard dichroic beamsplitters. However, in order to realise their full flatness potential, these dichroic beamsplitters need to be carefully mounted in microscopy cubes. Semrock has developed proprietary methods of installing 1? RWE super-resolution 1 mm thick dichroic beamsplitters in cubes and guarantee the flatness performance.

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