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Andor Dragonfly High Speed Confocal Microscope Systems

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Andor Dragonfly High Speed Confocal Microscope Systems

Andor Dragonfly High Speed Confocal Microscope Systems

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Dragonfly delivers outstanding multi-dimensional images from subcellular (nm) to whole organism (cm)., while significantly boosting productivity. Its unrivalled combination of speed and sensitivity allows researchers to discover unforeseen dynamic events and image live organisms for days.


The new Dragonfly 600 spinning disk confocal delivers leading performance for both industrial and academic users. It integrates super-resolution solutions compatible with confocal, widefield or TIRF. Furthermore, it incorporates the newly developed High Power Laser Engine (HLE) and new TIRF imaging modality, which exploits Borealis® illumination, B-TIRF (Borealis TIRF) for easy setup, more even illumination and thus more usable data across the field of view.



  • Instant confocal: up to 400fps
  • Borealis uniform illumination
  • 3D SMLM: resolution to 10-20nm
  • Live cell super-resolution: SRRF-Stream+
  • Unique easy-to-use TIRF: B-TIRF
  • Broad wavelength range: UV-Vis to NIR
  • Greater productivity: large field of view

The Dragonfly 200 is a flexible, multi-modal platform that offers confocal, laser based widefield, transmitted light and SRRF-Stream+ functionality in one system.


The Dragonfly 600 is a complete system that builds on the capabilities of the 200 model to also include SMLM, 3D super-resolution module, B-TIRF and Zoom illumination.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.



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