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Coherent Chameleon Discovery NX

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Coherent Chameleon Discovery NX

Coherent Chameleon Discovery NX

Broadly tunable UF laser for two-photon microscopy and spectroscopy


Discovery NX is an ultrafast tunable laser with performance that truly redefines possibilites for non-linear imaging.


Breakthrough power levels across a full octave spanning tuning range (660nm to 1320nm) and short pulses delivered right to the sample plane, enables deep in-vivo excitation of all popular fluorescent probes and calcium indicators. Watch the video.



  • Automated control for hands free operation
  • Highest average power for deepest imaging
  • High dispersion precompensation range for optimised peak power
  • Secondary output at 1040nm for multi-wavelength excitation
  • Industrial design for high uptime and reliability
  • Total Power Control (TPC) built in fast power modulation (Discovery NX TPC)

Extraordinary performance at 1300 nm provides standout capability for label-free Third Harmonic Generation microscopy.


A high power (3.5W at 1040nm), secondary output further allows simultaneous, multi-wavelength excitation of multiple fluorescent markers or photoactivation of optogenetics probes. The two outputs of the laser have phase-locked pulse trains, enabling Raman techniques such as CARS.


Total Power Control (TPC) represents a landmark advancement in the evolution of turnkey multiphoton laser sources, offering high-speed power modulation on both outputs. Pristine beam quality, power contrast, and stability can now be delivered directly into the microscope scan head so users may spend more time on acquiring quality images and less time on system setup and maintenance.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet Chameleon Discovery NX  Chameleon Discovery NX TPC


Chameleon Discovery NX datasheet                                  Chameleon Discovery NX TPC datasheet



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