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Coherent Chameleon Ultra Modelocked Ti:S Laser

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Coherent Chameleon Ultra Modelocked Ti:S Laser

Coherent Chameleon Ultra Modelocked Ti:S Laser

Widely tunable, hands free, modelocked Ti:S lasers



Chameleon Ultra II delivers the highest power, the widest tuning range, the fastest tuning speed and the lowest noise of all commercially available products.


Chameleon sets the benchmark for integrated precompensation. It uses a proprietary prism-based design that compensates the broadest range of GVD in a compact package. Traditional two-prism designs cannot deliver this same level of performance in such a small package size. This proprietary approach builds optimum beam pointing and stability into the design. It takes integrated precompensation to the next level.


Features include:

  • Highest power for deepest imaging
  • Automated tuning and alignment for hands-free operation
  • PowerTrackTM active alignment for long-term stability
  • Widest tuning range for efficient excitation of the widest gamut of probes
  • Simple menu-driven GUI or RS-232 operator interface
  • Extendable wavelength range from 340nm to 4000nm with Compact OPO

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

  Chameleon Ultra Chameleon Ultra I Chameleon Ultra II
Average Power (W) >2.5 >2.9 >3.5
Tuning Range (nm) 690 to 1020 690 to 1040 680 to 1080
Peak Power (kW) >200 >250 >300
Power Specifications

>500mW @ 690nm

>1.4W @ 710nm
>2.5W @ 800nm
>1.4W @ 920nm
>450mW @ 1020nm


>600mW @ 690nm

>1.5W @ 710nm
>2.9W @ 800nm
>1.45W @ 920nm
>450mW @ 1020nm
>300mW @ 1040nm
>650mW @ 680nm

>1.6W @ 700nm
>3.5W @ 800nm
>1.6W @ 920nm
>550mW @ 1020nm
>200mW @ 1080nm
Tuning Speed (nm/s) >35 >40 >40
Pulse Width (fs) 140


Chameleon Ultra datasheet                                                 Read more on Coherent's website


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