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Coherent OBIS LG CW Ultraviolet Laser

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Coherent OBIS LG CW Ultraviolet Laser

Coherent OBIS LG CW Ultraviolet Laser

High-power ultraviolet laser of choice


The OBIS LG is the next generation of Coherent 355nm CW laser technology, minimising the laser footprint and eliminating the need for a separate controller. The result is a highly compact UV laser with true plug-and-play capability.



  • True CW 355nm, up to 50mW output
  • Superior mode quality
  • Variable power setting
  • New reduced size
  • OPSL reliability
  • Integrated control electronics
  • OBIS USB interface compatibility
  • Coherent connection digital interfacing protocol
  • Multiple mounting options

Based on Coherent's unique Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser (OPSL) technology, which allows output power to be varied over a wide range without changing the beam parameters. This, combined with a diffraction limited beam, lowest noise and high stability, provides unparalleled 355nm laser performance in a extemely compact and affordable package.


OBIS LG is ideal for applications in flow cytometry, particle counting, DNA sequencing, and microscopy. The OBIS LG is the perfect laser platform for customers requiring high-performing continuous wave laser technology for research and instrumentation in life sciences and biological applications.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


OBIS LG datasheet                                                                   Read more on Coherent's website


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