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CoolLED pE-800fura Calcium Imaging Source

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CoolLED pE-800fura Calcium Imaging Source

CoolLED pE-800fura Calcium Imaging Source

Supercharged calcium imaging and beyond



Building on the successful pE-800 Illumination System, the pE-800fura offers the most comprehensive calcium imaging system available. It also enhances everyday fluorescence microscopy, combining lightning fast switching with eight individually controllable channels tailored to the most popular fluorophores and calcium indicators. Backed by CoolLED’s world-renowed support and warranty, the pE-800fura presents the go-to illuminator for Fura-2 and beyond.



  • Broad spectrum from 340-635 nm tailored to popular calcium indicators and fluorophores
  • 8 selectable channels offer versatility with any channels selectable simultaneously at 100%
  • Industry-leading <7 µs TTL triggering for high-speed analysis
  • Affordable automation with Sequence Runner and a single TTL-out
  • Removable inline excitation filter holder: no moving parts for high-speed imaging
  • Software , TTL, analogue control options for optimised illumination
  • Optimised irradiance control in 1% steps (2-100%) and fine control from 0-2%
  • Light delivery via liquid Light Guide for maximum compatibility
  • Stable illumination minimises noise for precise calcium analysis and reduced false positives
  • High signal-to-noise for crisp images and quality data with less calcium indicator, reducing toxicity and cost
  • UV optimised optics maximises irradiance for Fura-2 and similar indicators

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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