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CoolLED pT-100 LED Source

CoolLED pT-100 LED Source

CoolLED pT-100 LED Source

Optimised Transmitted Light LED Illumination


The pT-100 is a compact and simple-to-use LED illumination system for transmitted light applications, including brightfield, darkfield, DIC, Dodt gradient contrast and phase contrast.

The system is available in four variants to bring the benefits of LEDs to modern laboratories. A broad white system provides a safer and convenient alternative to halogen by reducing harmful UV exposure to the eyes and is ideal for long hours spent at the microscope, while three narrow bandwidth options (525, 635 and 770 nm) optimise image quality through increased contrast. The pT-100-WHT and pT-100-770 nm are also available as variants with a 3 mm liquid light guide attachment, which is ideal for electrophysiology applications.



  • Comfortable operation and reduced risk of eye damage as no unwanted UV
  • Spectral performance matched to 100 W halogen, creating consistent images
  • No variation in colour across irradiance range, removing the need to colour balance
  • Replaces 100 W halogen lamp housing on most current and older microscopes - quick & easy exchange
  • LLG version enhances accuracy for electrophysiology applications


  • A phosphor-free illumination centred around 525 nm optimised for the spectral response of most scientific cameras
  • Improved image contrast compared to white light source


  • A phosphor-free solution for brightfield imaging with a peak of 635 nm providing deeper penetration in thicker samples
  • Reduced phototoxicity of light-sensitive samples


  • A specialised solution for IR contrast techniques such as DIC, Dodt contrast etc.
  • Centred around 770 nm provides the optimal output for deeper sample penetration techniques requiring infrared light
  • LLG version enhances accuracy of electrophysiology applications using thick tissue slice

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pT-100 datasheet Read more on CoolLED's website