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Narishige Takanome Micromanipulation System

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Narishige Takanome Micromanipulation System

Revolutionary new system for ICSI


Takanome is the Japanese metaphor for a hawk locking on to its target. This aptly describes the new micro-manipulation system from Narishige that allows users to lock manipulators into position and easily adjust the approach angle while always keeping the pipette tip in view.

The Takanome manipulators move along a fixed optical axis from 15° to 40° giving users ultimate control over approach angle and the flexibility to work with multiple sample dish types.

The innovative retract/return mechanical movement allows users to retract the pipette by 50mm for easy exchange of sample or needle; when ready, users can push the "working position" tab and the Takanome manipulator will return to the active working position, greatly reducing alignment time and speeding up routine workflow.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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