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Microscope Systems for IVF

Microscope Systems for IVF

Microscope Systems for IVF

Superior optical performance and precision for ICSI





Nikon and Narishige developed this high precision, compact micromanipulator system in response to increasing demand from the ICSI market. The NTX series allows you to configure the optimum combination to suit your specific micromanipulation needs.


  • Compact and table design
  • Reduced distance from manipulator mount to microelectrode tipe increases stability
  • Hanging type jotstick provides superior operability
  • Smooth movement without microelectrode drift
  • Modified mounting direction of the universal joint facilitites ttachement and removal
  • Angle gauge incorporated in the universal joint ensures accurate-angle operation
  • Combined 3D motor-drive coarse manipulator and 3D oil-hydraulic find manipulator
  • Equipped with miroelectro return machanism for easy petridish exchange


ECLIPSE Ti2 inverted microscope

The Eclipse Ti2 provides an ultra-stable platform for carrying out precision manipulation procedures such as ICSI. The intermediate magnification switching function (1.5X) allows easy switching of observation magnifications between 200X and 300X without changing objectives.

The stage can accommodate handles of various lengths on either the left or the right side. Combined with a variable inclination eyepiece tube, the Ti2 provides an ergonomic interfae for precision manipulation.

Both halogen and cell-friendly LED light sources are available for diascopic illumination.

A motorised microscope model is also available.


ECLIPSE Ts2R inverted microscope

The Eclipse Ts2R is smaller than the Ti2, while featuring the same stages, stage handles and eyepiece tubes. The compact design of the Ts2R enables it to fit easily inside clean benches or laminar flow hoods.

The Ts2R features an LED light source for diascopic illumination and the Ts2R-FL includes up to four additional fluorescent LED light sources. Users can quickly switch between diascopic and fluorescent observation by using buttons on the front panel. The Ts2R and Ts2R-FL can be configured for a variety of contrasting methods including Emboss Contrast, NAMC and spindle observation.



SMZ18/SMZ1270/SMZ800N stereomicroscopes

The Oblique Coherent Contrast (OCC) option enables high-contrast observation of oocytes and embryos

SMZ18: Zoom ratio is 18:1, zoom range 0.7x - 13.5x
SMZ1270: Zoom ratio is 12.7:1 (0.63X-8X)
SMZ800N: zoom ratio is 8:1 (1X to 8X)




Eclipse Ci/Eclipse E200 upright microscopes

The Eclipse Ci series offers three different models, all of which are compatibale with phase contrast observation. The Ci-E and C-L feature an LED light source for diascopic illumination which transmits minimal heat and is therefore ideal for sperm observation. The Ci-S is equipped with a halogen light source. The compact Eclipse E200 is available in both halogen and LED models.


For further informaiton or to arrange a demonstration in your laboratory, please contact us.



WPI's optical quality glass bottom FluoroDish Cell Culture dishes offer better imaging quality. There are several varieties that let life science researchers work with small sample volumes. This is necessary when researchers are working with expensive chemicals or experimental drugs. They are designed with the lowest access angle for easier insertion of a micropipette during cellular microinjection. They are perfect for live cell imaging and embryo research.


Cited in hundreds of reference articles, WPI's optical grade, glass bottom dishes are unique in the marketplace and conform to strict quality control standards.


Bottom as Thin as a Cover Slip

The optical-grade, glass bottoms on our cell culture dishes is the thickness of a coverslip (0.17mm ±0.01mm thick), offering better imaging quality. (Its refractive index is just 1.525). This allows for a much shorter working distance, and it let you use immersion objectives for the highest possible magnification. This glass has 30% UV transmission rate (at 300nm), which is exceptional. The most popular German glass has a UV transmission rate of less than 7%.

The larger numerical aperture of our FluoroDish glass bottoms means you can use a higher magnification (up to 100×). You will notice the difference in the images you make, whether you are using classical or fluorescent microscopy. You get brighter fluorescence images and high resolution for image analysis.


Low Sample Volumes

Low sample volumes makes these dishes ideal when you are using expensive drugs or chemicals. As little as 115µL will cover the bottom well of our FD3510 Fluorodish with 10mm well! For large growth areas, try our FD5040 50mm cell culture dishes. Multiple sizes are available so you can choose the correct one for your application. You can even get these dishes with a Poly-D-Lysine coating, which helps the adhesion of neurons.


Designed for Research

Slim side walls on the culture dishes mean a low access angle for greater flexibility with your microelectrode placement.

Black wall dishes are available for low background fluorescent measurements.

Culture dishes are constructed with a low toxicity adhesive to protect the viability of your cell cultures.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

EC-6S Incubator

Astec-Bio has designed the EC6S unit with state of the art technology and today we have the most Stable, Spacious and Superior incubator available in the market. With distinct temperature control and gas supply for each chamber the EC6S offers outstanding flexibility & convenience for its operator. Our engineers have developed the EC6S with new alterations including a Zirconia Dioxide Ceramic O2 Sensor, long life Infra-red sensor, Lid heaters thus better temperature stability which outperforms the competition by virtually every metric!

Read more on Astec's website


SS-250 Smart Station

With the end users comfort at the core of our design principle the Smart Station delivers unrivaled ergonomics to improve the quality of your time in the lab. From oocyte pick-up to embryo transfer and many other tasks, the Smart Station handles them all with a combination of functionality, accuracy and the most comfortable way you like to work.

Conveniently placed circular arm openings, large front window and two side doors provide easy access for daily operation including cleaning and disinfection. CO2 gas is supplied through the gas port located underneath the chamber, gas concentration can be set from 0.0 to 10.0%.

Read more on Astec's website


AD-3100 CUBE Drawer Incubator

Commonly known as the “CUBE”, the AD-3100 provides the safest, most versatile solution for cell culture applications. There are 4 SEPARATE CHAMBERS, TRULY INDEPENDENT AND OPERATIONAL as if there are four individual incubators set in one unit. Individual temperature control with 4 separate gas mixing systems in the back, all protected by an alarm system set by default. The Cube has been in the market since 2010, and is well established in the US, Europe, China, East Asia and the Middle East.

Temperature and gas controls can be individually set for each drawer customized to your culture. Depending on the stage of the culture, the culture media and other variables, the Cube allows you the flexibility that you desire for your project. A truly independent and responsive lab partner that you can count on!

Read more on Astec's website

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