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Okolab Oko-Touch Touch Screen Interface

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Okolab Oko-Touch Touch Screen Interface

Okolab Oko-Touch Touch Screen Interface

Intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface


OKO-TOUCH is an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface. It connects to any one of the Bold Line Controllers, detects all equipment in the system and displays all functions supported by the equipment detected.

OKO-TOUCH features on-board memory for data logging and mini-USB port for data download.

In addition data logging is possible via SMART-BOX (that also allows remote control), via DATA-LOG Okolab software (that also allows to set enhanced thermal/gas cycles), and via following third-party Imaging software: LASX 2.0, NIS-Elements, SlideBook, MetaMorph and MicroManager. Macro for ZEN Black software is available upon request.


  • Turn all Bold Line Controllers on/off
  • Define set point values
  • Set flow rates gas controller
  • Define gas cycles of gas controller
  • Define temperature cycles of temperature controller
  • Select sample or chamber feedback mode
  • Select chamber model and plate adapter
  • Display all set points and measured parameters
  • Run self calibration procedures

For further information please contact us or read more on Okolab's website.