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Okolab Uno Stage Top Incubator

Okolab Uno Stage Top Incubator

Okolab Uno Stage Top Incubator

Temperature, CO2 and humidity. Performance made simple


UNO STAGE TOP INCUBATOR ensures the highest temperature accuracy on sample temperature by controlling simultaneously up to 6 independent channels with a modern multichannel controller.

The name "UNO" reflects the simplicity of the system, which allows temperature, humidity and CO2 conditioning in a very user friendly manner.

The controller is equipped with an on-board memory for data logging and a mini-USB port for data download.

UNO-T-H-CO2 is an all-in-one stage top incubator's controller with 100% CO2/Air mixer, for application with 100% CO2 and background Air, that includes:

  • Uno Stage Top Controller
  • Humidity module
  • CO2/Air gas mixer
  • Air Pump
  • Temperature Range: 25 to 60 °C.
  • Temperature Accuracy:
    ±0.1°C in sample feedback mode
    ±0.3°C in camber feedback mode, if room T remains within ±1°C
  • Pre-mixed gas flow rate can be regulated manually in the range 0.2-0.8 l/min
  • 4.3'' touch screen interface
  • On-board memory for data logging and mini-USB port for data download
  • Chambers available for any XY stage / piezo insert with Embedded temperature sensor in heated glass lid and in chamber body
  • Interchangeable magnetic inserts allow to host Petri, Slides and MW Plates
  • Magnetic locks hold the Petri, the Slides and the MW Plates in the correct position inside the chamber
  • Compatible with:
    OBJ-COLLAR series, recommended for immersion objectives
    Okolab DATALOG to access Data Logging / Remote Operation on pc
  • TTL communication option: order UNO-T-H-CO2-TTL

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

UNO datasheet Read more on Okolab's website