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WPI AutoLCI Automated Live Cell Imaging System

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WPI AutoLCI Automated Live Cell Imaging System

WPI AutoLCI Automated Live Cell Imaging System

Simplify your image capture with automated live cell imaging system

World Precision Instruments


AutoLCI is an automated live cell imaging system that is equipped with an advanced fluorescence and bright field microscopy, auto-focusing and real-time, multi-position imaging technology for a well plate, dish or T-flask. The streamlined process provides an easy workflow solution giving you a full set of tools you need to acquire the best quality images and accurate research results. The compact nature of the AutoLCI allows positioning in an incubator, providing improved cell viability, because there are fewer disturbances over the course of your experiment, reducing chances of cellular abnormality.


The AutoLCI live cell imaging system includes two software packages:

  • AutoLCI Scan to control the actual operation of AutoLCI device which includes real-time cell monitoring and time-lapse imaging functions
  • AutoLCI Analysis for analysing and post-processing of the images. This comes with an unlimited software usage license, ideal for allowing multiple users to work with the unit without additional fees


Multi-position imaging : Fully automated, multi-position imaging for high resolution analysis with a motorised camera that allows for multi-point imaging up to 96 wells
High compatability : Compatiable with various cell and tissue culture vessel types
Compact size : AutoLCI is a live cell imaging system tht easily fits into a stadard CO2 incubator
Z-stacking imaging : Capture multiple focal planes and use the Z-stacking function to view high dynamic range (HDR) images
Image stitching : Stitching combines images for analysis of a single high resolution composite image. This enables enalysis of a larger volume and sections
Auto-focusing : You get increased focus speed and reproducibility with reliable auto-focusing function
Intuitive interface : With user-friendly functions, the easy-to-use analysis tools such as confluency mark, growth curve and a ruler are build into the included software

For futher information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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