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Prior ZDeck Quick Adjust Platforms

Prior ZDeck Quick Adjust Platforms

Prior ZDeck Quick Adjust Platforms

Image multiple areas of interest with speed and precision

Prior Scientific

Prior high precision motorised ZDeck Quick Adjust Platform System complete with Prior ZDeck, motorised ProScan XY stage, ProScan III controller, PS3J100 joystick with dual digipot controls, universal holder, solid aluminium plate, two micromanipulator mounts, condenser spacer and four 10mm pillar spacers. Prior Scientific's patent pending ZDeck Quick Adjust Platform enables users to increase their productivity by allowing them to image multiple areas of interest with speed and precision.


  • Pneumatic piston towers which make raising and lowering the ZDeck virtually effortless
  • No tools are required to adjust the height
  • Change between thin sample and whole animal imaging height in seconds
  • A completely integrated XY stage which provides a lower profile with a thinner cross section allowing for large samples
  • Oversized top surface for mounting additoinal micromaniupulators and stereotaxic instruments
  • ProScan III controller and PS3J100 joystick provide ultra fine XY stage control via dual digipots

The Z-Deck offers an excpetionally stable platform, compatible with most commercially available vibration isolation tables, ensuring that the experimental area is as smooth and vibration free as possible. With a large top plate, an extensive surface area is available giving the user the ability to understake an extensive range of tasks and enough space to set up even the most complex experiments, which may involve environmentally controlled chambers, micromanipulators and other instruments.

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