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Nikon SMZ745 Stereomicroscope

Nikon SMZ745 Stereomicroscope

Nikon SMZ745 Stereomicroscope

With a 7.5x zoom and 115 mm working distance — a superior model in this category






Featuring a zoom magnification of 7.5x zoom and a long working distance of 115mm, Nikon SMZ745  microscopes are well suited for both indsutrial and bioedical applications. The adoption of a new total reflection prism produces brighter images with higher contrast, and the anti-mould design allows the microscope to be used in environments where the temperature and humidity are high. The SMZ-745T trinocular model comes equipped with a camera port and a built-in 0.55x C-mount adapter permitting direct mounting of Nikon DS Series Digital Cameras.


SMZ745/745T datasheet                                                            Read more on Nikon's website



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