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Nikon Eclipse Ci-POL Polarising Microscope

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Nikon Eclipse Ci-POL Polarising Microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ci-POL Polarising Microscope

Compact polarising microscope that balances optical performance and ease of use





Slim and compact, the Eclipse Ci-POL is a polarising microscope that doesn't occupy your entire desk. With cutting-edge CFI60 infinity optics, it offers advanced optical performance and user-friendly operation. Built-in capture button located near the front of the microscope base allows easy imaging with DS series cameras.



  • Slim and compact, a large working area is not necessary
  • Nosepiece uses the same DIN standard compensator slot design as LV100N POL
  • All five objective positions on the nosepiece are centerable
  • Uses CFI60 optics, providing both high NA and long standard working distances
  • A clamp-type upper limit focusing mechanism makes for easy, safe sample exchange, protecting both sample and optics from collision damage
  • Excellent cost effective and precision manufacturing is balanced with superb basic performance for a polarising microscope
  • Built-in capture button allows easy imaging with DS series cameras

Both diascopic and episcopic polarising observations are possible by mounting the LV-UEPI-N Universal Epi-illuminator, pictured right (when used with the Ci-POL, the LV-UEPI-N requires an external power supply).


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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