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Nikon NIS-Elements Imaging Software - Overview

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Nikon NIS-Elements Imaging Software - Overview

Nikon NIS-Elements Imaging Software - Overview

Flexible software platform for controlling Nikon microscopes and 3rd party components






Nikon's universal software platform, NIS-Elements, combines powerful image acquisition, analysis, visualisation and data sharing tools. With fully customisable user interfaces and software modules, NIS-Elements can serve as a simple interface for photo-documentation or power complex, conditional workflows with automated imaging and analysis routines. Javascripting and graphical programming tools enable users to easily create custom analysis and acquisition workflows.


NIS-Elements Advanced Research Microscope Imaging Software
Optimised for advanced research applications, NIS-Elements AR features fully automated acquisition and device control through full six-dimensional image acquisition and analysis


NIS-Elements Basic Research Microscope Imaging Software
Developed for standard research applications such as analysis and photodocumentation of fluorescent imaging, NIS-Elements BR features up to four dimensional acquisition advanced device control capabilities


NIS-Elements Documentation Microscope Imaging Software
NIS-Elements Documentation software provides a totally integrated solution for users of Nikon and other manufacturers' accesories by delivering colour documentation capabilities that include basic measuring and reporting


NIS-Elements Confocal Microscope Imaging Software
NIS-Elements C software enables full integration of confocal specific acquisition controls together with advanced image analysis functionality


NIS-Elements HC Microscope Imaging Software
NIS-Elements HC supports total operation of high-content analysis, from integrated microscope control and peripheral devices such as well plate loaders and CCD cameras, to image data management


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