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Andor OptistatCF Top Loading Cryostat (He)

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Andor OptistatCF Top Loading Cryostat (He)

Andor OptistatCF Top Loading Cryostat (He)

A 4K helium-flow, top-loading cryostat with sample in static exchange gas


This helium cryostat is ideal for experiments requiring high sample throughput and low conductivity samples.

  • Wide temperature range: from 2.3K to 500K
  • Quick sample change in less than 5 minutes via top-loading sample probe
  • Superb optical access (f/1) for measurements requiring light collection
  • Optimised clear beam throughput (15mm diameter aperture) allows a large illumination area for measurements involving the detection of low intensity light
  • The most economical use of cryogens on the market: less than 0.55L/h at 4.2K using a Low Loss Transfer tube
  • Versatile: wide range of sample holders/rods including liquid cuvette for liquid samples and simple/precise height adjust/rotate sample rod
  • Compact size allowing easy integration into commercial spectrometers
  • Electrical measurements via 10-pin electrical feed wire to hear exchanger and/or wired on coax connectors
  • Can be operated in pull mode (using a gas flow pump to pull the helium from a storage dewar to the sample space) or push mode (by pressuirng the storage dewar)

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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