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Andor OptistatDN Top Loading Cryostat (N)

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Andor OptistatDN Top Loading Cryostat (N)

Andor OptistatDN Top Loading Cryostat (N)

Nitrogen bath cryostat, sample in exchange gas





This nitrogen cryostat is ideal for experiments which require 77.2K base temperature, high sample throughput and for samples which are difficult to cool by conduction. Its small footprint is ideal in laboratory where space is limited. It doesn't require any external dewar or transfer tube, and has the longest hold time on the market.



  • 77 K - 500 K temperature range
  • Cooling to 77 K in about 20 minutes
  • Short sample change time via a top-loading sample probe - as quick as 5 minutes
  • Long cryogen hold time, around 15 hours, providing a full working day's operation
  • Superb optical access (f/1) for measurements requiring light collection
  • Configured for reflectance and transmission measurements
  • Large illumination area, 15 mm diameter window aperture
  • Compact size allowing easy integration into commercial spectrometers
  • Measurement-ready, via 10-pin electrical wiring to the sample
  • Supplied with a MercuryiTC temperature controller
  • 1 year standard warranty

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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