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Optronic Laboratories Detector Standards

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Optronic Laboratories Detector Standards

Optronic Laboratories Detector Standards

The most complete selection of calibration standards in the industry

Optronic Laboratories


OL730-5 Silicon UV-Enhanced Silicon Detectors
The OL730-5A and OL730-5C UV Enhanced Silicon Detectors are high impedence, low capacitance, planar diffusion photodiodes. These detectors, which are sensitive over the wavelength range of 200nm to 1100nm. They are mounted in rugged, aluminium housings that reduce EMI and enhance overall performance.


OL730-TE Thermoelectrically (TE) Cooled Detector
The OL Series 730-TE Thermoelectrically (TE) Cooled Detector Packages are designed for making broadband measurements with radiometer/photometers, such as the OL730CV, or lock-in amplifiers, such as the OL730D. The OL730-TE Cooled Detectors can also be used for making spectral measurements with spectroradiometer systems, such as the OL Series 750. The standard BNC signal output enables the OL730-TE Detectors to be used with a variety of other instruments as well. All cooler reference settings are controlled by the detector interface board. This enables multiple detectors to be used with the same OL750-TE Cooler Controller.


OL740-17 Thermal Detectors
The OL740-17 is a broadband detector with a KRS-5 window and a 5mm diameter, blackened lithium tantalate crystal. It is stable, non-hygroscopic and inherently sensitive to temperature changes. It is micophonic and shock mounted inside a machined, aluminium housing with foam insulation. It is particularly useful as a working standard for calibration of other infrared detectors.


OL750-HSD High Sensitivity Detector Module

A large selection of high sensitivity detector modules, consisting of a detector head and a detector support module, are available for use with the OL Series 750 Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System. These detectors enable the OL Series 750 to effectively cover the entire 0.2 to 30µm wavelength range. Each detector consists of a detector head and a detector support module. The acquisition, amplification and mode of signal processing are designated as the signal detection system, a feature that enables to optimise the overall system for any application.


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