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Hysitron Triboscope Nanomechanical Test System for AFM

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Hysitron Triboscope Nanomechanical Test System for AFM

Hysitron Triboscope Nanomechanical Test System for AFM

Delivering quantitative, rigid probe nanoindentation and nanotribology to atomic force microscopy

Bruker NanoSurfaces

Bruker's Hysitron TriboScope® delivers quantitative, rigid-probe nanoindentation and nanotribological characterisation capabilities to the world of atomic force microscopy. The Hysitron TriboScope interfaces with Bruker's Dimension Icon®, Dimension Edge™, and MultiMode® 8 AFMs to expand the characterisation capabilities of these microscopes. By utilising a rigid test probe, the TriboScope removes the intrinsic limitations, variability, and complexity associated with cantilever-based measurements to deliver quantitative and repeatable mechanical and tribological characterisation over nanometer-to-micrometer length scales.

Quantitative Rigid-probe Characterisation

Removes the uncertainties and complexities intrinsically caused by cantilever-based nanoindentation testing techniques

Proprietary Capacitive Transducer Technology

Provides superior control over the nanoindentation process and delivers industry-leading force and displacement noise floors

Intuitive Mechanical Interface

Sreamlines integration with popular commercially avialable AFM's, including Bruker's Dimension Icon, Dimension Edge and MultiMode 8 Systems

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