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TMC SEM-Closure Acoustic Enclosure

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TMC SEM-Closure Acoustic Enclosure

Total environmental solution


SEM-Closure is an acoustic enclosure designed specifically for scanning electron microscopes (SEM's). together with TMC's SEM-BaseTM floor platform and Mag-NetX™ magnetic field cancellation, SEM-Closure provides a total environmental solution to protect sensitive SEM's from all outside interference.

SEM-Closure is designed to accommodate SEM-Base, an active piezoelectric vibration cancellation floor platform, and Mag-NetX in a sealed and temperature-controlled acoustical chmaber - protecting the SEM from vibration, magnetic field disturbances and acoustic noise.

Integration of the three systems ensures proper fit and compatiblity. The vibration isolation system can be inside the enclosure itself itself. Also, the SEM-Closure frame is designed to accommodate MagNetX Hemlholtz coils as well as the acoustic panels, eliminating the need for a second frame to house the coils. SEM-Closure provides multiple access points, a heat dissipation system, and provisions for tool pumbing and cabling within the system.

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