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TMC STACIS iX LaserTable-Base

TMC STACIS iX LaserTable-Base

TMC STACIS iX LaserTable-Base

Hybrid piezoelectric/air active vibration cancellation system


LaserTable-Base™ offers an extraordinary level of improvement over existing technology in the amount of vibration isolation attainable with an Optical Table. Typically, optical tables are supported by low-frequency pneumatic vibration isolation systems. Though very effective at isolating high frequencies, these passive systems actually amplify vibration in the critical 1 to 3 Hz range.

TMC's STACIS technology overcomes these limitations through proprietary technology which incorporates piezoelectric actuators and inertial vibration sensors to cancel, not amplify, very low frequency vibration. LaserTable-Base combines these two technologies, air and STACIS, into one integrated cancellation system. The result is vibration cancellation at very low frequencies and unprecedented levels of high frequency isolation due to the combined effect of two isolation systems in series.

The upper, pneumatic portion of LaserTable-Base is modular and interchangeable. It can incorporate TMC's Gimbal Piston or MaxDamp air isolators, or rigid, non-isolating supports, depending on the application requirement.

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