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TMC PEPS II Positioning System

TMC PEPS II Positioning System

TMC PEPS II Positioning System

Digital precision electronic positioning system


PEPS II improves and builds upon TMC's patented PEPS (Precision Electronic Positioning System). With the addition of a new digital controller, PEPS II is easier to use, offers more features, and has an improved user interface. PEPS II is a digital non-contacting, height control system for TMC pneumatic vibration isolation systems. Such systems normally incorporate mechanical height valves and a mechanical height sensing linkage. Its applications range from semiconductor manufacturing equipment to improve settling time and increase yields, to precision laboratory environments which demand the optimum noise performance and platform stability.

  • Digital control, user-friendly LCD interface
  • Non-contacting electro-pneumatic height control for Gimbal Piston™, CSP®, and MaxDamp® vibration isolation systems
  • Z-axis position repeatability: 10 microns
  • Improved vibration isolation due to the elimination of the lever contact of conventional mechanical height control systems
  • Pneumatic feedforward function minimizes Z-axis reaction to X-Y stage motion
  • May be tuned to rapidly settle motion induced by X-Y stages
  • Optional "VX" feature incorporates inertial sensors for active damping of vertical isolator resonance
  • "Soft-dock" compatible. Allows for wafer loading/unloading without kinematic mounting
  • Proportional electronic valves. No pulse noise introduced by "on-off" or conventional electronic valves
  • Plumbed exhaust line for clean disposal of waste air
  • Logic dock control and status

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