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TMC CleanTop Optical Breadboard

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TMC CleanTop Optical Breadboard

Three performance levels and a large variety of customisation options


CleanTop® steel optical breadboards provide exceptional rigidity and damping for smaller tops. Available in both 2 and 4 inch thicknesses, these tops have the same high-performance CleanTop structure as our large optical tables.

Three performance levels available, as well as a large variety of customization options.

78 Series

Provides the ultimate in rigidity and damping for smaller tops. Recommended for the most demanding breadboard applications.

77 Series

Slightly thinner top skin than 78 series resulting in slightly lower rigidity and damping but at lower cost and weight.

75 Lightweight Series

Minimises both weight and cost. These breadboards have relatively high levels of rigidity, as they utilise our standard steel core, however, with their thin top and bottom skins, they cannot have the rigidity and damping properties of the 78 and 77 series. They are ideal when light loads are anticipated and low weight and/or cost are the most crucial factors. The weight savings - 50% less than the 78 Series Breadboard.

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