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TMC Tabletop Isolators and Supports

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TMC Tabletop Isolators and Supports

TMC Tabletop Isolators and Supports

Support system with tiebars or free-standing


Micro-g optical table support systems are an ideal match for our CleanTop optical tables and breadboards. A wide range of configuration options, including height, weight capacity, and vibration isolation performance, are available.

Most tops are best supported by a 4-post system with tie-bars, however for those longer than 10 ft (3 m) we recommend a 6-post system. In addition to the higher weight capacity, the structural characteristics of the top are enhanced by the additional support points.


  • Vibration isolation or rigid support
  • Rigid, non-resonant safety tiebars
  • Optional retractable casters
  • Modular post construction

Free-standing Individual Posts

Free-Standing Posts are a convenient alternative to posts with tiebards, when open access between the posts is necessary. Though generally configured in sets of 4 and 6 legs, other configurations include 3 and 5 legs. The independent posts offer the maximum flexibility in post positioning with repect to the Optical Top.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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