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Since 1970 Optronic Laboratories has developed and manufactured spectrotradiometers, lamps, lamp standards and accessories that have improved the way the world measures optical radiation.


Product Keywords
Optronic Laboratories Detector Standards
The most complete selection of calibration standards in the industry
Optronic Labs OL730 detector standards
Optronic Laboratories Integrating Spheres
A range of sizes and configurations for any application
Optronic Laboratories integrating spheres G&H
Optronic Laboratories OL731 USB Smart Detector
Low-cost, flexible, compact radiometer/photometer
Optronic Labatories OL731 USB smart detector hand-held radiometer/photometer G&H
Optronic Laboratories OL750 Automated Spectroradiometer
Extremely versatile spectroradiometric measurement system
Optronic OL 750 spectroradiometer G&H
Optronic Laboratories OL750-NVG Spectroradiometer Configured for NVG Measurements
For spectroradiometric and photometric certification of night vision compatible lighting devices
Gooch and Housego OL 750-HVG spectroradiometer G&H
Optronic Laboratories OL756 Portable Spectroradiometer
High-accuracy UV-VIS portable spectroradiometer
optronic OL756 spectral measurement system spectroradiometer G&H
Optronic Laboratories OL770-DMS Display Measurement System
Complete solution for modern display measurement requirements
optronic OL770-DMS display measurement system spectroradiometer G&H
Optronic Laboratories OL770-LED Test and Measurement System
High-speed spectroradiometer that can be customised to any LED measurement application
Gooch and Housego OL770-LED spectrodiometer G&H
Optronic Laboratories OL770-NVS Night Vision Display Test and Measurement System
A complete solution for measurement of NVG-compatible lighting and display
optronic laboratories OL770-NVS spectroradiometer G &H
Optronic Laboratories Reflectance Standards
Ideal as standards of diffuse reflectance or irradiance to radiance conversion
Optronics OL specular reflectance standards G&H
Optronic Laboratories Spectral Irradiance/Illuminance Standards
The world leader in spectroradiometric, radiometric and photometric standards
Optronic spectral irradiance illuminance standards G&H