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Laservision R14 Laser Safety Eyewear (Goggle)

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Laservision R14 Laser Safety Eyewear (Goggle)

Laservision R14 Laser Safety Eyewear (Goggle)

Reinforced goggle (OTG) for plane filters


This improved laser safety goggle R14 is one of the most sold frames for laser safety filters. It can be combined with absorbing but also with reflective laser protection filters and fits well over corrective glasses. Also customised special filters can be mounted into the goggle. In many cases it is the perfect solution for visitors and for applications with changing personnel. This frame feature enables a long term stress less fit with high comfort. In combination with the broad flexible strap the goggle is usable for long time periods without any restrictions. A carrying basket, the A14HSUPS1000, is also available for this goggle. It ensures that the weight of the glasses is evenly distributed and that they are comfortable to wear.This frame is the reinforced version and features an internal metal lamination and is characterised by highest protection levels.


  • Absorbing and coated flat glass or custom filters
  • Broad adjustable head strap
  • As an option there is head support system A14HSUPS1000
  • Reinforced version (R14)
  • Suitable as OTG (over the glasses)
  • Additional Anti-Fog insert as option
  • Easy changeable cushion frames (lips seal, foam or vented) as a standard

Air vents of the frame prevent reliable from fogging inside the frame. If used under special conditions with higher humidity, the R14 frame can be equipped with an optional Anti-Fog insert - a special nano-coated plastic insert absorbing humidity. This insert is available as a spare part as well and can be mounted without using special tools.

The goggles are offered with an exchangeable cushion frame with foam, lip seal or vented frame. The frame with lip seal enables an easy and hygienic cleaning after each use, while the frame with foam is ideal for a long daily wearing time for one user. The new foam pad with vented slots also prevents fogging of the laser protection filters. The air can circulate unimpeded and thus provides a permanently clear view. All cushion frames can be reordered as a set of 5 (also for the older R14 goggles).

For further information or eyewear recommendation please contact us, read more on Laservision website or download their EYEPRO protection calculator.

(1) Changeable, flexible and adjustable headstrap
(2) Internal, metal lamination for highest protection levels
(3) Easy changebale cushion frames (for lip seal or foam options)

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