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Laservision GmbH has more than 30 years of experience in laser safety and is a market leader in this technology with a portfolio of products. Laservision develops, manufactures and markets laser safety products, concentrating on safety eyewear with innovative solutions to protect your eyes. By actively engaging with various national and international standardisation institutes for laser safety regulations, Laservision has become a pivotal partner in safety.


Product Keywords
Laservision F18 Laser Safety Eyewear (OTG, lightweight)
Goggle (OTG) with flex temples
Laservision SKYLINE plastic laser protection goggle
Laservision F20 Laser Safety Eyewear (Lightweight Spectacle)
Lightweight with very good wearing comfort
Laservision filters with reflective coating
Laservision F22 Laser Safety Eyewear (Lightweight Spectacle)
Provides unobstructed field of vision
Laservision LAMDBA ONE shield
Laservision F27 Laser Safety Spectacles with Magnifier
Combinable with Heine LED-Magnifiers as an option
Laservision LED-magnifiers F27
Laservision F29 Laser Safety Spectacles (Flex Temple)
Flexible and adjustable temples with inclination
Laservision VISION L-05 L-50K laser safety spectacle
Laservision F42 Laser Safety Spectacles (OTG with Quick Release)
Fits over most up-to-date prescription glasses
Laservision F46 Laser Safety Spectacles (Clipnetic System)
Multi-functional spectacles for curved plastic and glass filters
Laservision F47 Laser Safety Spectacle (LED and loupe)
The sporty, light 2-lens glasses for every day use
Laservision Glass Filters
Filters with the highest optical densities (OD)
Laservision absorbing glass filters
Laservision Laser Safety Curtains
Different sizes can be constructed from one piece or from several modules
Laservision large area protection systems barriers laser safety curtain
Laservision Plastic Filters
Light weight and good wearing comfort
Laservision plastic filters
Laservision R01 Laser Safety Eyewear (Small Spectacle)
Spectacle with small, plane filters
Laservision R01 laser safety glasses
Laservision R02 Laser Safety Eyewear (Medium Spectacle)
Spectacle with curved filters
Laservision R10 Laser Safety Eyewear (Goggle-style-spectacle)
Spectacle as goggle with a large field of view
Spectra Gases DYNA GUARD laser safety eyewear
Laservision R14 Laser Safety Eyewear (Goggle)
Reinforced goggle (OTG) for plane filters
Laservision ECO spectacle
Laservision R17 Laser Safety Eyewear (Presciption Lens Insert)
Spectacle with Rx-insert for plane filters
Laservision R17 spectacle with RX-insert for plane fitlers
Laservision Window, Active Laser Safety Window Kit
Offers the user a complete, safety certified system (T1)
Laservision active laser safe cabinet window test category T1
Laservision Windows, Plastic and Glass
Used as inspection windows in automated or manual laser processing systems
Laservision mineral glass cabin windows