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Laservision R17 Laser Safety Eyewear (Presciption Lens Insert)

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Laservision R17 Laser Safety Eyewear (Presciption Lens Insert)

Laservision R17 Laser Safety Eyewear (Presciption Lens Insert)

Spectacle with Rx-insert for plane filters


This laser safety goggle is characterised by a unique versatility and flexibility. The features are highly efficient outside the reinforcement, as primarily shown on the F10 frame. This guarantees highest protection levels as well as additional mechanical protection, when put face forward on the table. Special designed reinforcement frames allow factory mounting of cutting applications. The design of the mounting adapter ensures a stable fit and optimal behavior of these extensions. In order to ensure a long time wearing comfort even with such thick filters, laservision is offering different wearing options. Due to the universal Duoflex adapter this goggle can be combined with a flexible head strap or the unique head support system. In addition it allows to screw-in an RX insert for prescription lenses: laservision offers an in-house glazing service (A46RXINS1LV0) here. Due to this customization and flexibility, the frame can be worn by different users and thus ensures enormous cost savings.


  • Absorbing and reflecting glass and plastic flat filters up to 12mm thickness
  • Protection levels up to D LB8 / IRM LB9 at >315-1400
  • Multi adjustable Duoflex temples as standard
  • Option: head strap, head support systems
  • External reinforcement available in blue

For further information or eyewear recommendation please contact us, read more on Laservision website or download their EYEPRO protection calculator.

(1) Multiple side arm inclination and length-adjustable duoflex comfort arms
(2) External metal reinforcement for high protection levels
(3) Optional RX-insert for prescription glasses

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