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Laservision Windows, Plastic and Glass

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Laservision Windows, Plastic and Glass

Laservision Windows, Plastic and Glass

Used as inspection windows in automated or manual laser processing systems


Mineral Glass Laser Safety Window

Mineral glass based laser protection windows are commonly used in laser applications with medium to high power lasers for welding, cutting and drilling. Depending on the application they avoid the need for separate laser protection glasses. Mineral glass laser protection windows are in most cases laminated with a thin sheet of neutral glass to increase thermal stability. In case of a direct laser hit or a damage it avoids a drop out of the broken splinters.

The disadvantage against plastic laser protection windows is either, due to the manufacturing process laser safety windows made from absorbing glass are usually not available above a dimension of 296x210mm (DIN A4) or the considerably higher price. The advantage is that a number of colorless filters are available for the NIR- and IR-range (900-11,000nm). These colorless filters ensure a unrestricted color view. laservision develops, manufactures and distributes a large variety of CE marked mineral glass laser safety windows for different laser applications.

  • Very good optical characteristics
  • Many filters with boundless color view
  • High protection ratings, often also M-protection ratings
  • CE-certified standard filters (EN207)
  • Optional frames in two sizes

Plastic Laser Protection Window

The technological development in the field of absorbing dyes during the last years results in more and more resistant plastic laser protection windows. In the past the plastic windows were commonly used against stray radiation. Meanwhile some plastic laser protection windows achieve a laser resistances comparable to that of mineral glass windows. A representative example therefor is the laser protection window P1P10 with 6mm thickness. Between 1030nm-1400nm it achieves with OD8+ and a 10 seconds test time an EN 207 protection level of D LB7 + IRM LB8. laservision offers a large variety of plastic laser protection windows for different laser applications.

An essential advantage regarding plastic laser protection windows is the availability of much larger sheets (up to 2mx3m) and the lower weight. The main application range is machine building and laser enclosures. For such applications laservision is offering a large variety of different plastic laser protection windows depending on the wavelength and application.


  • Low weight, good optical properties
  • Available for many laser and laser combinations
  • Most window filter certified acc. EN207 with 5s and 10s
  • Dimensions up to 3000mm x 2000mm for certain materials
  • Some filters available in 3mm or 6mm thickness

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