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Nikon Digital Sight Cameras and Controllers

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Nikon Digital Sight Cameras and Controllers

Configure a microscope imaging system that's ideal for your specimens and applications


Camera Heads

DS-Fi-3 High Definition, High Speed, and High Sensitivity Camera

Nikon's DS-Fi3 is a new high-definition colour microscope camera equipped with a 5.9 megapixel CMOS image sensor. Its high-speed data readout, superior colour reproduction and high quantum efficiency are optimal for imaging in various observations, such as brightfield, DIC, phase contrast and fluorescence observation.

High resolution images : A CMOS high density 5.9 megapixel sensor produces high resolution images. USB3.0 data transfer allows fast focusing at high resolution, and easy capture images in all types of observation methods such as brightfield, differential interference contrast and phase contrast.

High sensitivity, low noise : Quantum efficiency and read noise have been greatly improved, providing better capability for acquisition of fluorescent images with better signal-to-noise ratios than before.

High-speed live display : Fast USB3.0 data transfer means fast, smooth live updating of images for finding samples or focussing, even at full resolution


DS-Ri2 16.25 megapixe colour camera

High-resolution images : 16.25 megapixel CMOS image sensor for astonishing image quality

Natural Colours : Nikon is s leader in development of algorithms for reproducing colour just as the eyes see it

High-spped live display : The DS-Ri2 can display 4908 x 3264 pixel (full-pixel) images at 6fps, or 1636 x 1088 pixel (3x3 pixel averaging) images at 45fps. This fast live frame rate makes find focusing easy to perform

High sensitivity, low noise : fluorescent colour image capture with high signal-to-noise ratio


DS-Qi2 16.25 megapixel monochrome camera

High sensitivty : 7.3µm pixels, high quantum efficiency, and very low read noise allow the DS-Qi2 to read in even faint fluorescent signals

Excellent linearity : Reliable quantitative analysis made possible

High frame rate : Fast focusing, even with fluorescent images

Low noise : Acquires dim fluorescent signals with ultra-low noise


Control Units

DS-L4 Microscope Camera Control Unit

The DS-L4 tablet-style control unit eliminates the need and space requirements of a desktop PC to control the DS-Fi3 camera. The DS-L4 has a large number of built-in functions for measurement and annotations, and has built-in security for network connectivity.

The large 10.1", 1920 x 1200 pixel display allows easy confirmation of live images and captured images. With its touch panel display, smooth setting and control of the DS-Fi3 is possible. Bluetooth accessoires such as a keyboard and mouse can also be connected.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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