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Nikon Eclipse FN1 Fixed Stage Microscope

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Nikon Eclipse FN1 Fixed Stage Microscope

Nikon Eclipse FN1 Fixed Stage Microscope

Fixed stage microscope for electrophysiological research





Nikon's Eclipse FN1 is a special purpose upright microscope developed from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands of electrophysiological research. Never before has an electrophysiological microscope allowed you to go so deep into your specimen with such clarity and contrast. That's because the FN1 has a completely redesigned optical system that includes the world's first water dipping objective with depth-induced aberration correction. The new microscope optics deliver longer working distances, slimmer profiles, better approach angles and aberration-free images from the visible to the Infra-red region.


Open Design Provides Maximum Flexibility: A spacer can be added, or the condenser, sub-stage and turrent completely removed to provide more free space
Multiple Noise Reduction Fetaures: An ON/OFF mechanism for the filter turret, optical path changer, magnification changer and the condenser filter changer to reduce vibration related noise
Streamlined Operation: The focus knob and field diaphragm ring are located on the front part of the microscope base. The coarse/fine focus knob is located on both the left and right sides, so it can be operated with either hand
Safe and Easy Objective Changeover: Objectives mounted on the sliding nosepiece can be raised when switching magnification
World's First Water Dipping Objective with Depth Induced Aberration Correction: This ring corrects spherical aberration induced by imaging deep in tissue or by working at physiological temperatures
Powerful 16x Objective Lens: Unique working distance of 3.0mm and a 45° manipulator approach angle allows for a usable one-lens solution for electrophysiology applications
New Objectives Provide Ideal IR-DIC Imaging: New physiological water dipping objectives have been developed for the FN1 featuring longer working distances, with slimmer profiles and 45° approach angle
Easy Insertion of Microelectrodes: The simple and slim I-shaped body has no projection on the body other than the focus knob


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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